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New Product-SS Pneumatic Axial Valve


ESG Series 200 is a Pneumatic Axial Valve which incorporates both the valve and the actuator into the one assembly, thus making it up to 50% more compact that other pneumatic valves. It is ideal for repetitive cycles, has low pressure drop and is also suitable for vacuum.

Available in N/O, N/C, single or double acting

Body: CF8M / CF8
Seals: FKM or EPDM
Control Pressure: 43.5→116 psi
Fluid Temp: -20⁰C→+150⁰C
Ambient Temp: -20⁰C→+80⁰C
Pressure: 232 psi (max)
Pneumatic Connection: BSP or NPT

Sizes- DN06 (1/4″) – DN50 (2″)

Options:  Switch, Pilot Solenoid,