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  • SDK/SDL/DRSD Air Silencers

  • Eurotec’s range of air exhaust silencers can be used on solenoid valve or pneumatic actuator air discharge ports. In addition to reducing noise levels, they keep the ports free from blockages caused by debris, insects etc.

    Models SDL/SDK/DRSD are made from sintered bronze material and model SEX from 316ss.

    Model SDK- Tablet type, sintered bronze, sizes ⅛” → ½”, male bsp
    Model SDL- Long type, sintered bronze, sizes ⅛” → 1”, male bsp
    Model DRSD-Throttle type, sintered bronze, sizes ⅛”- ¼”- ½”, male bsp
    Model SEX- 316ss Long type, ¼”- ½”, male bsp

  • Metalwork Push-in Air Line Fittings (Straight)

  • Metalwork’s range of push-in fittings allows quick connection of air lines into pipes and actuators. It can be re-used thousands of times and the release bushing has patented screwdriver slots to facilitate release in applications not accessible to fingers.
    Material- nickel plated brass body, technopolymer release bushing, NBR seal

    Common sizes used for valve & actuator connection as follows:-
    For 6mm Hose
    2L01007- 6mm hose x ⅛” male bsp
    2L01008- 6mm hose x ¼” male bsp
    For 8mm Hose
    2L01009-8mm x ⅛” male bsp
    2L01010- 6mm hose x ¼” male bsp

  • RD Series Manual Override Gearbox for Prisma

  • Declutchable gearboxes are available as manual overrides for all 90° Prisma Pneumatic actuators, from PA00→PA-70.

    Standard features
    Declutching Bar
    Adjustable Open and Close Limits
    Lock and Block system
    Handwheel operation
    Suits valves/actuators with ISO-5211 dimensions

    RD-415 (for PA00) PA-05, PA-15) F05-F07 (valve side) / F05-F07 (actuator)
    RD-420 (for PA-20) PA-25) F07 (valve side) / F07 (actuator)
    RD-330 (for P-30) F07-F10-F12 (valve side) / F07-F10-F12 (actuator)
    RD-440 (for P-40) F12 (valve side) / F12 (actuator)
    RD-345 (for P-50) F14 (valve side) / F14 (actuator) x 27mm square drive
    RD-350 (for P-50) F14 (valve side) / F14 (actuator) x 36mm square drive
    RD360 (for PA-70) F16 (valve side) / F16 (actuator)
    RD360 (for PA-70) F16-F25 (valve side) / F16-F25 (actuator)