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Supplier of industrial automatic control valves throughout Australia.

When you need to automatically regulate the pressure, temperature or control the flow of your process, we can provide simple, low cost solutions like v-notch ball valves or modulating butterfly valves. If more critical control is needed for your process, we can provide accurate control valves with pneumatic actuators and I/P positioners or modulating electric actuators. Braeco Valves is an established business with more than 30 years in the industry.

We are specialist suppliers of industrial valves actuation and control devices. Whether you are in the mining, offshore, marine or industrial sectors, we have a wide range of valves, actuators and accessories for you. Contact us to find out more. 

Keeping abreast of changes

We have been supplying Australian and overseas markets with products for more than three decades… We have knowledgeable staff, we observe trends, we listen to our customers and we stock and supply what they want quickly, efficiently and economically. We have the ability to offer both manual and actuated valve packages and take the worry out of placing large number of orders on multiple suppliers, co-ordinating shipments from around the world, supplying the complete package and meeting your project delivery deadlines.

Reliable products & service

As suppliers of valves actuators and controls, we understand our products and the influence they have on your business. No company can afford regular downtime due to faulty or low quality parts, especially ones as important as these. That’s why we ensure a constant supply of reliable and durable automatic flow control valves.

We stock a variety of products including:

Gas regulators

We stock a variety of gas regulators suitable for high and low pressure air, natural gas and a variety of other gas duties. Many of Our Jordan Valve gas regulators are manufactured by Richards Industries, USA.

Pressure control valve

Pressure control valves are critical to the efficient and safe functioning of many complex systems. That is why we take great care to only supply those products that we know are recognised and proven in the industry, and are reliable and robust. Our aim is to supply valves which are “set and forget”

Modulating control valves

If you are looking for modulating control valves, contact us. If we don’t have what you need, we can source it for you, quickly and cost effectively.

Temperature control valve

Controlling temperature is often critical to the process and our valves can be used for either heating or cooling to keep the temperature at a constant level. In heating, they often control the flow of steam or hot oil to a heat exchanger. In cooling, they control the flow of glycol, ammonia, freon, chilled water etc.

Contact Australia’s valve, actuation and control specialists.