Automated On-Off

  • 101 Series Angle Seat valves

  • ESG Series 101 covers some variations to their Pneumatic angle seat valve. This model is more compact than series 100, is light weight and comes in various style suited to the drinks filling industry.

    Action depending on model… normally open, normally closed or double acting

    Body: CF8M / CF8
    Seals: PTFE
    Control Pressure: 3.5-4.5 bar
    Fluid Temp: -10⁰C→+120⁰C
    Ambient Temp: -20⁰C→+80⁰C
    Pressure: 0-7 bar
    Pneumatic Connection: BSP or NPT

    Sizes- DN06 (1/4″) – DN50 (2″)

    * Options: Switch, Pilot Solenoid.

  • 100 Series Pneumatic Angle Seat valve

  • ESG Series 100 is a Pneumatic Angle Seat Valve, available in both Single (F/O F/C) or Double Action and is anti-water hammer design. The valve is available in either SS304 (CF8) or SS316 (CF8M) Body, 316L components, PTFE seat. The control fluid can be Air or a Neutral Gas.

    The Actuator material is SS304 (CF8), suitable for ambient temperatures to 180⁰C, is self lubricating and rotates 360⁰, threaded ends standard (see options)
    Common applications are Water, Alcohol, Fuel, Steam, Organic Solvents, Acid, Air or Neutral Gases (fluid temps to 120⁰C).

    Sizes- DN10 (3/8″) – DN80 (3″)

    * Options: Flow above seat, Flow below Seat, Flanged, Tri-clamp, BSPT, NPT, proximity Switch, Pilot Solenoid, manual override to control piston stroke

  • 202 Series Solenoid Operated Pneumatic Axial Valve

  • ESG Series 202 is a Solenoid controlled Pneumatic Axial Valve. Available in N/O or N/C.

    Body: WCB carbon steel
    End caps: SS304 or SS316
    Tube/internal parts:SS304/SS316
    Seals: FPM
    Differential Pressure: A→B (40 bar); A→B (12 bar)
    Temperature Range:-20→ +130⁰C
    Sizes- DN10 (3/8″) – DN25 (1″)
    Voltages: 24vDC: 230vAC

  • 200 Series Pneumatic Axial valve

  • ESG Series 200 is a Pneumatic Axial Valve which incorporates both the valve and the actuator into the one assembly, thus making it up to 50% more compact than other pneumatic valves. It is ideal for repetitive cycles, has low pressure drop and is also suitable for vacuum applications.

    Available in single acting (normally open or normally closed) or double acting configurations.

    Body: CF8M / CF8
    Seals: FKM or EPDM
    Control Pressure: 43.5→116 psi
    Fluid Temp: -20⁰C→+150⁰C
    Ambient Temp: -20⁰C→+80⁰C
    Pressure: 232 psi (max)
    Pneumatic Connection: BSP or NPT

    Sizes- DN06 (1/4″) – DN50 (2″)

    * Options: Switch, Pilot Solenoid.

  • 3-6T + PA series Pneumatic Actuator

  • Actuated ball valve assemblies are available with a variety of actuation and accessory options to meet your application requirements.

    All valve assemblies are function tested prior to despatch.

    Pictured assembly comprises of:
    3-6T Apex screwed ball valve
    PA Prisma pneumatic actuator.

    Click on the links above for additional information on the components used.