Low Flow Regulators

  • LowFlow J Series Lockout Device

  • A method of preventing unwanted setpoint changes is to use a lockout device, and our new lockout device for J-Series regulators is a perfect solution.  This lockout device will easily and effectively secure a manually actuated regulator.

    The base of the two piece design remains in place once applied and will not interfere with normal operation. The device is compact, highly visible, easy to use and made of durable polypropylene.

    The small locking device on the left is suitable for use on the JR, JRH, JRPH/L (1/4″) and JB models.  The larger device on the right is to be used on the JRPH/JRPL (1/2″-1″), JRHF and JBDL.

  • Low Flow, Low Pressure Regulators

  • Two NEW valves have been added to Jordan Valves Low Flow range. Although aimed primarily at the Gas Regulator market, they are also perfectly suited to liquids.

    They are ideally suited to low flow, low pressure applications which require good sensitivity.

    Bodies machined from 316L barstock, Jorlon (modified PTFE) diaphragm, soft seats for class VI shut-off.

    Model JRLL
    Sizes: 1/4″ (DN8), 3/8″ (DN10), 1/2″ (DN15)
    Max inlet pressure: 250 psi (17,2 bar)
    Set pressure ranges: 1-75 psi (0,07-5,2 bar); 25-100 psi  (1,7-6,9 bar)
    Seat Options: PTFE/PEEK/Kel-F/EPDM
    Low Flow Cvs: Cv0.012, 0.03, 0.08, 0.20
    Ends: NPT std (BSPT or flanged optional)

     Model JRHL
    Sizes: 1/2″ (DN15); 3/4″ (DN20)
    Max inlet pressure: 250 psi (17,2 bar)
    Set pressure ranges: 1-5 psi (0,07-0,34 bar); 5-15 psi  (0,34-1,03 bar); 15-25 psi (1,03-1,72 bar); 25-50 psi (1,72-3,45 bar)
    Seat Options: PTFE/PEEK/EPDM
    Low Flow Cvs: Cv0.05, 0.8
    Ends: NPT std (BSPT or flanged optional)

    Low Flow Range

  • Low Flow Regulators

  • Low flow valves offered in this section are Globe Style regulators, primarily bar stock bodies and can be diaphragm or piston actuated. Many of the models are available in materials other than 316L so we welcome enquiries for valves made from exotics such as Hastelloy C, Monel, Alloy 20 etc. Valves can come with additional threaded ports for attaching inlet or outlet pressure gauges as well as features to make them tamper proof.



    Size Range


    Set Point range

     Shutoff  class

     Key Feature /Option     


    High Pressure BPRV

    ¼” – ½”

    0.15- 0.35

    5-750 PSI

    Ansi Class VI

    Panel mount & captured vent options


    Medium Pressure BPRV



    0-400 PSI

    Ansi Class VI

    High flow with inlets to 120 psi


    Piston Sensed HP BPRV

    ½” – 1”


    0-5800 PSI

    Ansi Class VI

    Inlet Pressures to 6000 psi


    High Pressure PRV

    ¼ – ½”

    0.012 – 0.2

    5 – 750 PSI

    Ansi Class VI

    Jorlon long life diaphragm


    High Pressure PRV

    ⅜” – ½”


    2-450 PSI

    Ansi Class VI

    Barstock Design


    Low Pressure PRV

    ½” – 1”

    1.5 – 1.9

    0 – 150 PSI

    Ansi Class VI

    Inline removable seat


    Low Pressure PRV

    ¼” – ¾”

    0.012 – 0.8

    0 – 100 PSI

    Ansi Class VI

    Large Diaphragm, increased stability at low set points


    Piston Sensed High Pressure PRV

    ¼” – 1”

    0.07 – 2.1

    0 – 9135 PSI

    Ansi Class VI

    Inlet pressures to 10,000 psi


    Piston Sensed High Pressure BPRV

    ½” – 1”

    0.4 – 1.0

    240 – 5000 PSI

    Ansi Class VI

    High flow in compact design


    Piston Sensed High Pressure PRV

    ½” – 1”

    0.5 – 2.5

    250 – 3000 PSI

    Ansi Class III, IV, V V


    Barstock Construction