Modulating Control

  • MK708ME Electric

  • MK708ME is the new electric motor operated control valve in the MK708 low flow series. It’s light, compact, has quick change trim (Cv 0.00001 to 4.0), Ansi shut-off Class IV or VI. Voltages include 115, 120, 230 & 400VAC, as well as 24vDC. The motor can be positioned using the stowable crank handle for manual operation or analogue input signals of 0-10 VDC, 4-20mA, split range current signals or fieldbus.

    Upon loss of command signal, the motor is designed to either lock in place , or fail to minimum input signal position. 4-20mA feedback is available. (relies on customer supplying power and wiring)

  • MK70 Pneumatic Control Valve

  • MK70 is a diaphragm operated Control Valve manufactured in the US by Jordan Valve. The valve is metal/metal seated (Ansi class IV) and utilises the same sliding gate seats found in Jordan’s range of Pressure Regulators (MK50/MK60) and Temperature Control Valves (MK80).

    It is available in sizes ½”→ 2” (Cv 2.5 to 30) and up to 6″ in model 711. The standard valve has threaded (BSPT or NPT) but can be flanged on request. The valve is actioned by a multi-spring pneumatic actuator and can be used for on/off or modulating for liquids, gases, chemicals and steam. Flow is controlled by the movement of the gate/disc which moves in response to a 3-15 psi pneumatic signal received from a controller. Where the signal is in milliamps, an I/P transducer can be fitted (i.e. converts a 4-20mA signal to 3-15 psi) or, for even more precise control, the pneumatic actuator can be fitted with a pneumatic or I/P positioner.

    Maximum inlet pressure- BZ (34 bar) / DI (68 bar) / WCB (102 bar)/ 316SS (99 bar)
    Maximum temp- BZ/DI (343°C)/ WCB/316SS (343°C)
    Max pressure differential: 8.6-17.2 bar (without positioner), 8.6-24.1 bar (with positioner)

    * Options: MK701/702 Cv 50/70 High Flow version, equal % seats, low flow seats for all sizes, side or top mounted positioner, flanges to AS or Ansi. Many more options, flanged MK711 (sizes to DN150)

  • MK75 Wafer Pneumatic Control Valve

  • MK75 is a wafer body pneumatic control valve, featuring sliding gate design in a lightweight, compact body, dramatically reducing the size and weight of conventional control valves.

    Sizes – 1” → 6” (Cv’s 9.5 to 400), Class 150/300
    Size- 8” (Cv 400), Class 150

    Maximum differential pressures vary, depending on valve size, actuator selected (35M/55M/85M) and whether with or without positioner (see download sheet)

  • MK708 Pneumatic Control Valve

  • Jordan MK708 and MK8000 are globe style, low flow, pneumatic control valves, either cast or machined from barstock. They are operated by a multi-spring pneumatic actuator. Top or side mounted positioners are fitted where greater accuracy is required or where high pressure differentials occur. Many combinations of body/trim material available, hard or soft seat (for MK708 when zero seat leakage required)

    Mk 708 – ¼”→ 1” (Cv’s 00001 to 4.0), class IV or VI shut-off, max WP & DP 5,000 psi
    Mk 8000 – ½”→ 2” (Cv’s 0.05 to 16.0) class III or IV shut-off, WP to 6,000 psi (414 Bar), Max differential Pressure to 5,000 psi

    * Options: MK8000 is avail in almost any exotic material, including PVC and Kynar, also 3-way version

  • Schubert & Salzer Ball Sector Control Valves

  • The Ball Sector Valve is specially designed to handle arduous duties, slurries and viscous fluids is suitable for control and isolation.

    With pneumatic and electrical actuators, it is the best choice for very precise control in the paper, steel, chemical, food and effluent industries.

    Sizes: DN25 (1″) up to DN300 (12″)

    – High Kvs-values up to 3840
    – Excellent control characteristics
    – Suitable for abrasive media
    – Easily exchangeable seat ring
    – Low maintenance
    – Actuators can be easily fitted
    – Efficient and easy to install

    Optional Volume booster Type 4090 (from DN150) in order to reduce the response time.