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  • JBPH (set pressures to 5,800 psi)

  • Model JBPH is a piston operated Back Pressure Regulator capable of set pressures to 5,800 psi (400 bar). It is suitable for gases and liquids and is available in sizes 1/2″, 3/4″ & 1″.

    Body & Trim – 316L SS
    Spring Housing – 316L SS
    Plug – 416 SS
    Seat insert – KEL-F
    Body Seals – Buna-N, EPDM, Viton)
    Cv 0.5 (class IV shut-off)
    Ends – FNPT or BSPP, Socket Weld, Flanged

    Spring Ranges – 0 -2,150 psi (0-148.3 bar)
    0 – 2,500 psi (0- 172.4 bar)
    0 – 4,060 psi (0-280 bar)
    0 – 5,800 psi (0 -400 bar)

    Options: Panel mount, Locking wire (lead sealed), Tamper proof, Lock-out device (these are explained in PDF)

  • MK50 Back Pressure Regulator

  • US manufactured MK50 has many of the same features as the MK60 Reducing Valve but the main difference is that it regulates/controls the upstream pressure. A high quality, long lasting valve which you can safely “set & forget”. Responds rapidly to pressure changes…….better control performance than most self-acting regulators…easily maintained and simple pressure adjustment in situ. Commonly used for Pressure Sustaining, Back Pressure control or as bypass valve for boiler feedwater. When installed in-line, they are used to guarantee upstream pressure to more critical services.

    It is a robust, versatile, self acting valve that has sliding gate design (rather than conventional piston or plug and seat), has hard wearing Jorcote seats with class IV shut-off  and Jorlon long life diaphragm. It is suitable to use with water, oil, gas, chemicals and steam. There are many variations to the basic model such as MK51 (high sensitivity, low droop), MK501 (high flow version) and MK50HP (high pressure version). In Bronze or DI version, valves have screwed ends BSPT, BSPP or NPT, WCB or 316ss valves can be threaded, socket weld, butt-weld or flanged to Ansi 150/300 or DIN PN10/16/25/40.
    Maximum inlet pressure- BZ 3,400 kpa; DI 4,100 kpa; WCB/316SS 6,600 kpa
    Maximum temp- BZ (260°C)/ DI/WCB/316SS (343°C)

    Pressure Control ranges:
    – MK50 ranges between 14 kpa-1,034 kpa)
    – MK51 (ranges between 3 kpa-1,172 kpa)
    – MK50HP 1/2″-2″ (ranges between 517 kpa-3,100 kpa)
    – MK50HP 2″-4″ (ranges between 172 kpa-552 kpa)

    * Options: Low flow trim in all sizes, special coated seats, 316SS or Monel diaphragm, cryogenic extension, Oxygen cleaned, salt water trim, Companion flanges for Bronze & DI valves, BSPP ends

  • MK58FT 58A Back Pressure Reg

  • MK58 is a globe style Back Pressure or Pressure Sustaining valve that offers high capacity, accurate regulation and easy servicing (bottom entry design makes it easy to clean or repair). It is available with hard seat (Class IV shut-off) or soft seat (class VI) and applications where the differential pressures do not exceed 300 psi (21 bar). Suitable for water, oil, gas, steam & chemicals. MK58FT has straight through flow with the excess pressure being relieved out through the bottom port. MK58A has the straight through port plugged and relieves out though the bottom port (see diagram on PDF)

    Maximum inlet pressure- BZ/DI/WCB/316SS (2,100 kpa)
    Maximum temp- 93°C Buna plug & diaphragm; 177°C Viton plug & diaphragm; 260°C metal seat & SS diaphragm

    Pressure control: various ranges between 7-70 kpa & 1,210 1,900 kpa

    * Options: Low flow trim in all sizes, threaded BSPT, BSPP, NPT or Flanged end

  • MK5800HP HP Back Pressure Reg

  • MK5800HP is a high pressure, piston style Pressure Sustaining or Back Pressure Regulating valve for use on high pressure industrial gas & liquid services to 4,000 psi (276 bar). It offers exceptional accuracy with high capacity and easy in-line servicing. It is available with hard seat (Class III or IV shut-off) or soft seat (class VI). 316L body, Stellite, Vespel or PTFE seat, 316ss Pison, 17-4pH orifice & cylinder, bun-N or Viton o-rings, NPT or flanged Ansi 150/300/600/1500#

    Pressure Control ranges: 400 psi -2,500 psi

  • MK57 Pilot Op Back Pressure Reg

  • Jordan MK57 series is a pilot operated Pressure Sustaining or Back Pressure valve and provides greater accuracy and lower offset than can be achieved with self acting valves. It is available in sizes 1/2″-6″ (Cv’s 5.0-395) and consists of a main valve with a small, pilot valve. The Mk57 combines the short stroke of the sliding gate with the action of a pilot valve to create a faster, more accurate response (less droop as flows increase). Can be used where greater accuracy is required than self acting valves or where control systems are not an option.

    – Suitable for steam, water, oil, gas and chemicals.
    – Body materials available: cast iron, ductile iron, carbon steel & stainless steel.
    – Available with BSPT or NPT threaded ends (1/2”→2”) or flanged Ansi 150/300, DIN PN10/16 25/40 (1/2”→6”)

    – Several adjustable pressure ranges from 140-310 kpa→552-1,280 kpa)

    * Options: Low differential pressure pilot, airloaded pilot.