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  • Brackets and Couplings

  • brackets and couplings1 brackets and couplings2


    Mounting Brackets, MBNS (Zinc coated Steel) and MBNE (304SS) ISO5211, sizes F03 up to F25.

    ARE Couplings are machined to suit the actuator side but the valve side is left blank and can be slotted/machined to adapt to your valve shaft

    BA Series Couplings are fully machined at both ends.  Use the drawing on the PDF to select the dimensions for the valve and actuator connection

    Drive adaptors /Conversion sleeves to adapt valve shaft to the actuator drive. Model RHE is Square/Square and RHX has an outer Star to inner Square

  • Model EVE-IA LIMIT SWITCH BOX (Intrinsically Safe)

  • Eurotec model EVE-ia is part of the wave box range suitable for explosive atmospheres zone 1 and 21. Enclosure IP67, Intrinsically Safe switches, vestamid black body, transparent polycarbonate cover, stainless steel stem, adjustable SS mounting bracket

    Features: Single M20 conduit entry
    P & F, IFM or Turck inductive proximity switches (see download for options)
    Stainless steel bracket for 20mm, 30mm, 40mm and 50mm adaptation to ISO5211 actuators

    * Options: 3D indicator

  • SDK/SDL/DRSD Air Silencers

  • Eurotec’s range of air exhaust silencers can be used on solenoid valve or pneumatic actuator air discharge ports. In addition to reducing noise levels, they keep the ports free from blockages caused by debris, insects etc.

    Models SDL/SDK/DRSD are made from sintered bronze material and model SEX from 316ss.

    Model SDK- Tablet type, sintered bronze, sizes ⅛” → ½”, male bsp
    Model SDL- Long type, sintered bronze, sizes ⅛” → 1”, male bsp
    Model DRSD-Throttle type, sintered bronze, sizes ⅛”- ¼”- ½”, male bsp
    Model SEX- 316ss Long type, ¼”- ½”, male bsp