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  • DHV712-R

  • As of September 2013, the Stubbe range of Thermoplastic Pressure Relief/Sustaining valves has been rationalised. So, instead of models DHV715-716-725, only model DHV-712-R will be produced as it performs the same functions, covers a similar pressure range (0.3-10 bar) and performs better. The external components are the same dimensionally so you can remove the body section from one of the older models, replace with DHV712-R and retighten using the existing end connectors and union nuts.

    Significant stocks of DHV716 are still available in our Osborne Park Warehouse and spare parts for the superseded models will still be available for some time. Over the next few months, the new model will gradually replace the older ones.

    The patented DHV712-R is unique and was designed specifically for chemical plant manufacture, for water treatment and for use in electroplating plants. The internal piston also offers the additional function of non-return. The valve also performs well in vibrating environments, even behind oscillating dosing pumps.

    Stubbe Thermoplastic valve used for pressure relief, overflow or bypass but also sensitive/accurate enough to be used as an upstream pressure sustaining valve or back pressure regulator, UPVC body, PTFE coated diaphragm, EPDM or FPM seat & seals, true union style body with solvent weld ends to BS/Ansi dimensions – rated 10 bar. The internal piston also performs as a non-return valve

    Model DHV712-R – adjustable set pressure range 0.3→ 10.0 bar
    Sizes   3/8” (DN10) → 2” (DN50)

    * Options: BSP threaded end connectors, Spigot or fusion socket ends, Body in Polypropylene or PVDF

  • Actuated C100 Ball Valve

  • C100 Ball valves are not direct mountable and a mounting bracket/kit is required to couple to Pneumatic (DA or SR) or Electric Actuators (12vDC, 24vAC, 24vDC, 110vAC 240vAC).

    Thermoplastic valves are usually mounted with corrosion resistant, plastic pneumatic  actuators  (polyamide series, prefixed PP) but they can also be supplied with actuators made from standard rilsan coated aluminium or 316 Stainless Steel.

    In addition to pneumatic actuators, a full range of accessories is also available such as Limit Switches, Pilot Solenoid Valves (Namur & remote mounted), Pneumatic or Electro-Pneumatic Positioner, Filter Regulator and Pressure Gauge, Speed Controls etc

  • SP820 Venturi Injector (UPVC/PP/PVDF)

  • Stubbe SP820 is a thermoplastic liquid Injector (Eductor) which uses the venturi principle to allow a secondary media to enter and mix in the main flow stream. It can be used for mixing, dosing and delivering fluids or for evacuating air in lines or tanks. A common use is to allow the correct dosage of fertilizer/nutrients to be delivered to specific vegetables in a market garden.

    It is self priming, maintenance free with the housing/nozzle made from UPVC, PP or PVDF with EPDM or FPM sealings. Union ends with solvent weld connectors are standard up to and including DN50. Sizes DN65-80 has DIN spigot ends, so a union is required to allow connection to BS/Ansi dimensioned UPVC pipe.

    Working principle: A nozzle (with specific sized bore) is installed in the SP820 injector. The liquid from the main flow-stream is accelerated by the diameter reduction of the nozzle. This acceleration causes low pressure at the suction spigot which allows the mixing liquid to be drawn into the flow-stream. The suction volume is calculated by using the driving liquid pressure and the diameter of the nozzle bore.

    Sizes   3/8” (DN10) → 3” (DN80)-10 Bar

    * Options: BSP end connectors, Spigot ends for solvent or fusion welding, GFR or PP/Steel flanges.

  • Actuated MV310 Diaphragm Valve

  • Pneumatically Operated Diaphragm Valves can be used for on/off or for controlling flow (positioner required for throttling). They can be used for neutral, aggressive liquids, gaseous media and where abrasive particles are present.

    Available in the following control functions:-

    • NC (normally closed)
    • NO (normally open)
    • DA (double acting)

    3/8” – 2” (DN10-DN50) Rated 10 Bar
    2½”-4” (DN65-DN100) Rated 6 Bar

  • BE891 Air Release / Vent Valve (UPVC/PP/PVDF)

  • Stubbe Air Release / Vent Valve opens to allow air to enter the pipe when a vacuum forms and, when filling, allows air to escape until the liquid level rises enough to push the floating ball onto the seat.

    UPVC body is standard with PP floating ball, FPM (viton) seat and seals, DIN spigot ends (unions can fitted to each end to allow solvent weld connection to ends to BS/Ansi dimensioned pipe.)

    Note: Must operate in the vertical position.

    Size 3/8” (DN10) → 2” (DN50) – 16 Bar

    * Options: BSP end connectors, PP or PVDF body