Solenoid Valve

  • 0142 2-way Plastic

  • Burkert series 0142- 2/2-way servo-assisted plastic Solenoid Valve for oxidising acids, alkalis, salt solutions and aggressive media (separating diaphragm system).

    UPVC Body (PVDF optional) PVDF internals, FKM or EPDM seals, True-union ends, 1/2”→2”, normally closed, pressure range  0.5→6 Bar, Voltages 24vDC, 240vAC, lockable manual override standard

  • 0330 2/2 or 3/2-way Plastic Solenoid Valve (free standing)

  • Burkert series 0330 replaces the 0124 series and is available in 2/2-way or 3/2-way direct acting plastic Solenoid Valve for low flow acids, alkalis and aggressive media (separating diaphragm system).

    PP, PPS, PVDF or ETFE body, FKM seals, ⅛”→ ¼”, normally closed, pressure range  0→2 Bar through to 0→10 Bar (depends on body material and orifice size). Voltages 24vDC, 24vAC/DC, 240vAC, manual override standard

    * Options: EPDM or FFKM seals.