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Ceravalve KSV (Ceramic Lined Ball valve)

The basic principle of this valve is based on the floating ball sealing against the downstream seat using the differential pressure as the sealing force. Both seats are fixed (stationary) whilst the ball has pre-determined “floating space”
The ball valve has a three-part-body design. As a control valve usually has a reduced central bore, this allows pipe size end connections at either end of the valve.
Actuator connection is done by yoke and adaptor and the valve can be operated by quarter turn pneumatic, electric or hydraulic actuators

• On / off and control (modulating) – valves for abrasive and corrosive application.
• High temperatures (up to 850°C)
• Chemical process industries, pulp & paper, steel plants
• Power plants, waste incinerators, pigment production
• Pneumatic conveying, cement plants, catalyst cracker
• Typical fluids: Abrasive suspensions: limestone slurry, titanium oxide
• Magnesium oxide, silicon oxide, etc.
• Fly ash, lime, kaolin, talcum, quartz
• Sand, pulverized coal, acids and bases
Materials used:
• Engineered ceramics in the media-flow
• Body – Metal or Plastic
• Engineered ceramics-Alumina / Zirconia / Silicone Carbide / Silicone Nitrate

Options: Triangular or round bore, partial or full ceramic trim, trunion mounted ball, many other models KST, KSL, KAL KGT etc

Cera System Models 3100 and 3100HT are part of the KSV range of ceramic lined ball valves for on/off and modulating control in highly abrasive and corrosive environments. It is available in sizes ½”→10″ (DN15→DN250), flanged Ansi 150 or Ansi 300

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