3-8 V-Port Ball Valve with Positioner

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Automated & Control Valve-V Notch

Standard full or reduced port Ball Valves are unsuitable to use for modulating control due to their large Cv’s and can result in poor control through most of their opening/closing range. However, a V-port or V-notch Ball valve has significantly reduced Cv values and when used in conjunction with an actuator and I/P positioner, can be used as an economically priced control valve for modulating duty.

Components for modulating assembly are:
Valve- Apex 3-8T, 3-piece 30° or 60° V-port, 1,000 psi (69 bar) Ball Valve, ISO5211 direct mount, 316ss body/ball/stem, TFM1600 seats, PTFE seals, bsp ends (SW or BW optional)
Sizes- ½” (DN15) → 2” (DN50)
Actuator- Prisma PA series DA or SR (if fail open/close required)
Positioner- YT-1000R (positions in response to 4-20mA signal)
Piping- Generally ¼” st/steel tube with Hylok tube fittings (nylon tube with plastic fittings optional), Filter Regulator and Pressure Gauges