5-6 Multiport Ball Valve (316/Threaded/SW/BW)

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Multiport (3-way is standard, 4-way optional) Ball Valve for “L” or “T” port configuration, full port, side entry and discharge ports, 1,000/800psi, ISO5211 direct mount, 316SS body/ball/stem, PTFE seats/seals, lever operated- bolt on style end caps that can be threaded, socket weld or buttweld

Sizes/WP- ¼” → 1” (DN8 → DN25) – 1,000 psi (69 Bar)
1¼” → 4” (DN32→ DN100) – 800 psi (55 Bar)

* Options: 4th port utilized, 316L or WCB body, PTFE cavity filled seats, tri-clover clamp ends