5-8R L/T-Port 3-Way Ball Valve (316/screwed)

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3-way reduced port ball valve, side entry and discharge ports, 1,000/800psi, ISO5211 direct mount, 316SS body/ball/stem, RPTFE seats/seals, BSP ends, lever operated

Sizes/WP- ¼” → 1-¼” (DN8 → DN32) – 1,000 psi (69 Bar)
1½”→ 2” (DN40→ DN50) – 800 psi (55 Bar)

5-8RL = “L”-port (primarily used for diverting flow- single flow path in, diverts flow through the second port only whilst the third port is closed. Handle rotates 90° to switch (2nd port closes, 3rd opens)

5-8RT =“T”-port (can function as a L-port but many other flow options possible eg as mixing valve with 2 ports in which diverge into one outlet. All flow path options shown on data sheet)

* Options: Model 5-8F (Full port), 316L body, PTFE or High Temperature seats, NPT or Tri-clover clamp ends