Elite RELT Micro Pressure Control Valve


Elite RELT-SLP micro pressure reducing valves are used for accurate pressure control on tank blanketing systems. They have a large diaphragm which provides greater sensitivity and allows them to control at very low set pressures.

These valves help control emissions, provide protection against atmospheric contamination and maintain a positive tank pressure which reduces the possibility of tank wall collapse during pump out operations, while preventing stored product from vaporizing to atmosphere.

Other applications include Semi-conductor Industry, Natural gas distribution Systems and Plant Air services.

Materials: Body-316SS, Seat/Sealing-NBR, Diaphragm-Nylon-CR/Nylon-Viton
Pressure Adjusting Range: 0.02-0.2 Bar
Installation: inverted (adj. bolts faces downward)
Sizes: 1/2″ (DN15) – 2″ (DN50)
Connections: threaded BSP or NPT
Max applied Pressure: 10 bar