M508 Gas Back Pressure Regulator

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MK508 & 608

Jordan MK508 is the ideal valve for low Back Pressure gas service and can also be used on tank blanketing applications in conjunction with Jordon’s MK608 gas regulating valve. It can be used to vent gas from the tank to prevent the blanketing pressure from rising to a level that could damage the tank whilst maintaining a small constant flow to keep the blanket fresh. It has an extra large diaphragm for set point control as low as 2.0″ WC (4,98mbar) and comes with soft seat for class VI shut-off.

Sizes: 3/4″ (DN20); 1″ (DN25) 1-1/4″ (DN32)

Body Materials: DI, WCB or 316SS; Plug: SS and Buna-N or SS and Viton Diaphragm: Buna-N/Nylon or Viton

* Set point ranges from 2-6″ (5,0 – 15,0 mbar) through to 5-35 inchesi (12,4 to 87 mbar)