MK58FT 58A Back Pressure Reg


MK58 is a globe style Back Pressure or Pressure Sustaining valve that offers high capacity, accurate regulation and easy servicing (bottom entry design makes it easy to clean or repair). It is available with hard seat (Class IV shut-off) or soft seat (class VI) and applications where the differential pressures do not exceed 300 psi (21 bar). Suitable for water, oil, gas, steam & chemicals. MK58FT has straight through flow with the excess pressure being relieved out through the bottom port. MK58A has the straight through port plugged and relieves out though the bottom port (see diagram on PDF)

Maximum inlet pressure- BZ/DI/WCB/316SS (2,100 kpa)
Maximum temp- 93°C Buna plug & diaphragm; 177°C Viton plug & diaphragm; 260°C metal seat & SS diaphragm

Pressure control: various ranges between 7-70 kpa & 1,210 1,900 kpa

* Options: Low flow trim in all sizes, threaded BSPT, BSPP, NPT or Flanged end