MK608 Gas Regulator (large)

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MK508 & 608

Jordan MK608 is the ideal valve for low pressure air or gas regulation or can be used on large tank blanketing applications in conjunction with a MK508. It has an extra large diaphragm for set point control as low as 2.0″ WC (4,98mbar) and comes with soft seat for class VI shut-off.

Sizes: 1-1/2″ (DN40); 2″ (DN50)

Body Materials: DI, WCB or 316SS; Plug: SS and Buna-N or SS and Viton Diaphragm: Buna-N/Nylon or Viton

* Set point ranges from 2-5″ (5,0 – 12.5 mbar) through to 3-5 psi (0,21 to 0,34 mbar