MK708 Pneumatic Control Valve

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Jordan MK708 and MK8000 are globe style, low flow, pneumatic control valves, either cast or machined from barstock. They are operated by a multi-spring pneumatic actuator. Top or side mounted positioners are fitted where greater accuracy is required or where high pressure differentials occur. Many combinations of body/trim material available, hard or soft seat (for MK708 when zero seat leakage required)

Mk 708 – ¼”→ 1” (Cv’s 00001 to 4.0), class IV or VI shut-off, max WP & DP 5,000 psi
Mk 8000 – ½”→ 2” (Cv’s 0.05 to 16.0) class III or IV shut-off, WP to 6,000 psi (414 Bar), Max differential Pressure to 5,000 psi

* Options: MK8000 is avail in almost any exotic material, including PVC and Kynar, also 3-way version