BVTT/BLTT PTFE Butterfly Valve (DN50-500)

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BLTT 200 bare shaft
BVTT Butterfly Valve with PTFE Seat and SS DiscBVTT Cross Sectional ViewBVTT Butterfly Valve with PTFE coated disc

PTFE seated butterfly valve suitable for use in various applications across the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.

Available in wafer (BVTT) or lugged (BLTT) design, ductile iron body, 316SS disc or HALAR / PTFE coated disc, 316SS stem, PTFE seat, 10-position notch plate & lever. Rated to 10 bar up to DN400 and 6 bar to DN500.

Sizes- 2″ (DN50)→ 20″ (DN500)

* Options: Various body material available including carbon steel & stainless steel. Disc material options include hastelloy and monel.