VR/VS/VT/VRX/VSX Series Electric (IP68)

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Valpes VR/VS/VT series is a 90° electric actuator, used to actuate quarter turn ball and butterfly valves. Aluminium housing is standard with plastic cover (aluminium cover for VRX/SRX), manual override by outgoing axle or handwheel.

Torques from 25 (VR25) →1,000Nm (VT1000) or 25 (VRX25→300 (VSX300) for EEx rated version and 90° travel times varying between models and voltages:-
Multivolt-100-240vAC/24vAC/DC from 7s/15s/20s/30s or 50 seconds
Failsafe-100-240vAC/24vAC/DC from 7s/15s/20s/30s or 50 seconds
Positioning(Posi)-100-240vAC/24vAC/DC from 7s/15s/20s/30s or 50 seconds
Tri-phase-400V from 10s/15s/20s/35s or 38 seconds

Standard equipment:
• Torque limiter (except VR/VS 400v)
• Regulated Heating Resistor (4W) – except VT and 400v=10W)
• Mechanical limit stops (adjustable for VS & VT)
• 4 adjustable Limit Switches
• Star Drive (removable)
• Manual override
• On/off control or 3 points modulating
• Visual Position indicator
• IP68 Enclosure Protection
• Fixed mounting plates (F05/F07 or F07/F10 or F10/F12)
• On Failsafe version, integrated failsafe security block
Duty Cycle & Normal Working Temperature
• 50% of operating time (30% – 80% on request)
• -20°C→ +70°C

• 180° or 270° on request
• 48vAC/DC
• 4-20mA feedback potentiometer
• 4-20mA /0-10V Positioning (except VT & 400v tri-phase)
• Aluminium cover (on request)
• Atex approved VRX25-VRX75/VSX100-VSX300)

Voltages available in the different models:
• VR/VS Multivolt – 24vAC/DC; 100-240vAC
• VR/VS Failsafe – 24vAC/DC; 100-240vAC
• VR/VS POSI – 24vAc/DC; 100-240vAC; Proportional control 4-20mA /0-10V
• VR/VS Tri-phase – 400v Tri-phase
• VT-230vAC; 400v Tri-phase
• VRX/VSX- 24vAC/DC; 100-240vAC

2D and 3D Drawings are available for download in a variety of file formats, including DWG, DXF, STEP, and more. Download drawings.