BTR/BFR Pilot Operated Pressure Reducing Valve (CI/DI/BZ/304SS/316SS)

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BTS/BFS Pilot Operated Pressure Sustaining Valve (CI/DI/BZ/304SS/316SS)

Elite model BTR/BFR uses a MFV (multi-function valve) body which is directly fitted with a pressure reducing valve pilot and is used primarily for water. Unlike conventional pilot operated valves which have a complex external pilot valve tubing assembly, this valve does not have any external piping or tubing, saving cost and simplifying installation.
BTR threaded version 1½”→ 2” (Cv’s 48-75)
BFR flanged version in 2”-14” (Cv’s 75-3,000)

Materials (main valve) – cast or ductile iron with bronze trim, bronze, 304ss or 316ss. Diaphragm/seat material-NBR or Viton
Pilot valve – bronze or stainless steel (matches main body material).
Connection- threaded ends (1½”→ 2”) o/ flanged (1/2”-6”) to suit Ansi 150# or AS D/E.
Maximum inlet pressure-2500 kpa (362 psi) ..higher pressures by request
Maximum temp- 80°C
Reduced pressure ranges – 100-700 kpa; 400-1,200 kpa

* Options: Pressure gauge, high pressure pilot