JR Series HP Instrument Style Pressure Regulator

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JB-Series -HP Instrument Style Back Pressure Regulator

Jordan JR-series line of instrument style regulators have the ability to handle very high pressures (3,600psi), large differential pressures and very low flows (Cv’s 0.012-0.8). These valves are typically used in research and sampling systems for corrosive gases and liquids. Typical applications would be gas and liquid chromatography and flame ionization detectors as well as other high pressure industrial applications.

Standard body material is 316L with exotics like Hastelloy or Monel as options. Seats options are PTFE or PEEK. The JR-series can handle inlet pressures up to 3,600 psi (248 bar) and have a number of reduced pressure ranges:

JR reduced pressure ranges: 5-50 psi, 25-100 psi, 50-150 psi, 25-250 psi, 100-475 psi, 200-750 psi
JR Sizes: ¼” (DN8); 3/8” (DN10); 1/2” (DN15); Cv’s 0.012; 0.08; 0.20

JRH reduced pressure ranges: 2-10psi, 5-20psi, 15-100psi, 50-175psi, 75-450 psi

JRH Sizes: 3/8” (DN10); 1/2” (DN15); Cv 0.8