5282 Solenoid Valve (Servo Assisted)

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Burkert 5282 – 2/2-way servo-assisted Solenoid valve with full port for neutral liquids (including contaminated and aggressive media to 10 bar). Sizes ½”→ 2”. As the operating mechanism is isolated from the media by a diaphragm, it is less sensitive to slightly contaminated, dirty fluids. Opening & closing times can be adjusted by integrated restrictor screws, lockable manual override included as standard.
Easily adjustable from NO (normally open) to NC (normally closed)
Pressure range 0.2→10 Bar, voltages 24vDC, 240vAC
* DIN cable plug must be ordered separately*
Note: A pressure differential of 20 kpa is required for complete opening

Standard materials are Brass/NBR or 316SS/FKM Brass/FKM, 110/50, HP (16 Bar)