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Braeco Sales is a Perth-based valve distributor, supplying to clients throughout Australia, as well as servicing a number of established export markets.

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We are an independent, Australian-owned stockist and distributor of industrial valves, actuation, instrumentation and related equipment.

 After more than 40+ years in the industry, we know our products, understand their applications, and can help you to make the right choice for your project. Contact us for all your industrial valve requirements.

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With a dynamic team of professionals with varied experience, we are able to handle everything from general day to day enquiries all the way through to managing complex projects. With a dedicated warehouse team, we are able to assemble, function test and despatch automated valve assemblies within tight timelines. Representing manufacturers of high-quality products from around the globe, including France, Italy, Spain, USA, Taiwan, China, South Korea and more.


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Sustaining or relief valve? Self-regulated or full control valve? Need help selecting the right valve for job, check out some of our helpful hints or get in contact for some expert advice!

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