Diaphragm Valves

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  • Actuated MV310 Diaphragm Valve

  • Pneumatically Operated Diaphragm Valves can be used for on/off or for controlling flow (positioner required for throttling). They can be used for neutral, aggressive liquids, gaseous media and where abrasive particles are present.

    Available in the following control functions:-

    • NC (normally closed)
    • NO (normally open)
    • DA (double acting)

    3/8” – 2” (DN10-DN50) Rated 10 Bar
    2½”-4” (DN65-DN100) Rated 6 Bar

  • MV310 Diaphragm Valve (UPVC/CPVC/PP/PVDF)

  • Stubbe Thermoplastic Diaphragm Valve for shut-off or throttling service, true union style, UPVC body, EPDM diaphragm & seals, solvent weld ends to BS/Ansi dimensions, handwheel operated with visual position indicator – rated 10 bar

    Sizes   ½” (DN15) → 4” (DN100)-10 Bar
    6” (DN150)- 6 Bar

    Also see downloads for pneumatically operated compact series MV308 & MV309.

    * Options: BSP end connectors, Spigot ends, GFR or PP/Steel flanges, Body in CPVC, Polypropylene or PVDF, FPM or PTFE faced EPDM Diaphragm, Pneumatic DA, N/O or NC