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Industrial thermoplastic valve and accessories supplier.

Whether you work in the wastewater, water treatment, mining or industrial sectors, you will require valves which have proven to be reliable in those situations. With more than 30 years’ experience supplying valves to a range of industries, we are well placed to offer you the most suitable and reliable thermoplastic valves in either PVC , Polypropylene or PVDF valves.

Reliable and long lasting

Thermoplastic valves are designed to offer a high degree of corrosion resistance in chemical applications which may not be suited to metal valves. . They are often preferred by operators because of their low opening, closing and operating torques, their light weight and the ease of installation and removal.

PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) is an excellent material, which is used in a wide variety of applications. We rely on both our own experience and by referring to the manufacturer’s chemical resistance charts to select the right body, ball and seal material for your application.

Plastic Valves are simple to install and replace when necessary, and no special tools or equipment are required for removal. In fact, you can often replace seals and other key parts, simply and quickly with minimal downtime.

Our PVC products

  • PVC ball valve
  • PVC check valve
  • Plastic diaphragm valve
  • Plastic butterfly valve
  • PVC globe valve
  • PVC pressure reducing valve
  • Plastic flow meter (Rotameter)
  • PVC strainers
  • Plastic pressure relief valve
  • PVC flow meter
  • PVC solenoid valve

When you are looking for PVC valves that are designed to last, contact your local plastic valve specialists.