Venturi Injector (Eductor)

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  • SP820 Venturi Injector (UPVC/PP/PVDF)

  • Stubbe SP820 is a thermoplastic liquid Injector (Eductor) which uses the venturi principle to allow a secondary media to enter and mix in the main flow stream. It can be used for mixing, dosing and delivering fluids or for evacuating air in lines or tanks. A common use is to allow the correct dosage of fertilizer/nutrients to be delivered to specific vegetables in a market garden.

    It is self priming, maintenance free with the housing/nozzle made from UPVC, PP or PVDF with EPDM or FPM sealings. Union ends with solvent weld connectors are standard up to and including DN50. Sizes DN65-80 has DIN spigot ends, so a union is required to allow connection to BS/Ansi dimensioned UPVC pipe.

    Working principle: A nozzle (with specific sized bore) is installed in the SP820 injector. The liquid from the main flow-stream is accelerated by the diameter reduction of the nozzle. This acceleration causes low pressure at the suction spigot which allows the mixing liquid to be drawn into the flow-stream. The suction volume is calculated by using the driving liquid pressure and the diameter of the nozzle bore.

    Sizes   3/8” (DN10) → 3” (DN80)-10 Bar

    * Options: BSP end connectors, Spigot ends for solvent or fusion welding, GFR or PP/Steel flanges.