• Stainless Steel Switch Box

  • **IECEx**
    Model NEK Stainless Steel (AISI 316Ti) Switch Box has been added to the range available from Eurotec.

    • 316Ti Housing
    • Standard Open/Closed Indicator below the box
    • Adjustable SS Bracket (hole spacing 80 x 30mm and 130 x 25mm)
    • Shaft Height 20, 30, 40 & 50mm
    • Enclosure to IP67
    • M20 Cable Gland (additional options avail)
    • Model NEK for non-explosive atmospheres
    • Mechanical or Prox. Switches

    Models available:

    • NEK (IP67 – non-explosive atmospheres, chemical, offshore, extreme environments)
    • NEK-ED (IP65 – Explosive atmos. Zone 1 or 21 (Ex e and Ex t, 1-3 Ex d switches)
    • NEK-IA (IP65-Explosive atmos. Zone 1 or 21 (Ex ia, 1-4 mech. switches, slot or cylindrical sensors)
    • NEK-IA-40⁰/ NEK-IA-55⁰ (IP65/IP66 T4, T5, T6 (Ex ia, 1-4 mech. switches, slot or cylindrical sensors)
    • Approvals: IECEx (Models NEK-ED, NEK-ia) ; Ex, SIL, ATEX

  • Eurotec Switch Box Range

  • A comprehensive range of Limit Switch Boxes is available.  The series consists of the i-box (direct mount, no bracket) or the Wave switch box (conventional type with bracket).

    Wave – Switch Box
    Switch boxes are available for standard applications, as well as hazardous areas Ex ia.  Available with 1-4 mechanical micro switches or proximity switches.  All boxes rated top IP67.

    As above but the main feature is that this switch box mounts directly to the valves actuator – no bracket is required.  Also available in Ex ia and has approvals for ATEX and IECEx.

  • Wave Design Switch Box (IP67)

  • EPP

    EPP-Housing-polyamide black: Cover-polycarb transparent: Shaft-plastic: Bracket-fibreglass reinforced polyamid

    Eurotec EPE series Switch Box

    EPE- Housing-polyamide black: Cover-polycarb transparent: Shaft-303ss: Bracket-304ss:


    EAP – Housing-alum black: Cover-alum black: Visual Panel-polycarb transparent: Shaft-plastic: Bracket-304ss:


    EAE- Housing-alum black: Cover-alum black: Visual Panel-polycarb transparent: Shaft-303ss: Bracket-304ss:

    EAE low temp

    EAE Low Temp -40⁰/-50⁰ – Housing-alum black: Cover-alum black: Visual Panel-none: Indicator-below housing: Shaft-303ss: Bracket-304ss: Sealings-Low temp


  • I-Box (IP67 Switch Box)

  • -No bracket required, direct mounting to actuator (time saving, space saving)
    -Enclosure rated to IP67
    -Integrated visual position indicator
    -2 or 3-wire
    -Mechanical or Proximity Switches
    -Connection up to two Solenoid Valves
    -Suits hole spacing 80 x 30mm and both 20mm or 30mm shaft height
    -CE compliant (EC machinery directive 2006/42/EG)
    -Vibration Resistant

    * Options: 50 x 20mm or 50 x 30mm hole spacing; P & F Prox. Switches


  • YT-850 Limit Switch Box (IP67)

  • YTC Model YT-850 is a switch box used in conjunction with quarter turn pneumatic actuators. Diecast aluminium housing (enclosure to IP67), stainless steel shaft, ABS/Polycarbonate visual position indicator and 2 x SPDT mechanical switches.

    Features: Dual M20 conduit entries
    Quick-set adjustment cams (without tools)
    Stainless Steel Namur shaft
    SS Bracket for 20mm or 30mm adaptation to ISO5211 actuators
    Terminal strip with 8 contacts
    Switch rating AC: 250V 3A, 125V 5A
    DC: 250V 0.2A, 125V 0.4A, 30V 4A

    * Options: YT-850P (Proximity type sensor), IP68, YT-830 (all plastic), YT-870 (explosion proof)