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Australian expert valve suppliers for the industrial sector

The importance of valving can be sometimes underestimated as the wrong selection can result in equipment breakdown, costly repairs and may even be dangerous to operators. Our industrial valves are sourced from local and international suppliers, many of whom we have worked with for several decades.

Contact us and tell us what your valve requirements are or tell us if your current valves are underperforming. We have reliable, tried-and-tested valve solutions.

Valves for a variety of industries

Our products are designed to suit a wide variety of industries, from chemical processing, steam production and supply, water supply, water treatment, mining, oil & gas, food, beverage and pharmaceutical. Whether you working in a marine environment, on a mine site, offshore, or in a factory, we have valves made for just about every application.

We carry a large amount of stock in our warehouse, providing a fast response time.Many valves are requested for the same or next day despatch. We pride ourselves in getting actuated valves built quickly, tested functionally and packed carefully for safe transport to you or your site.

We have extensive knowledge in supplying valves to multiple industries. We have a great deal of experience and expertise, we are customer focussed and we try to make it easy for our customers to deal with us. We will help ensure that your business runs as smoothly as possible, and that any downtime is kept to a minimum.

Our Valves

  • Globe valve
  • Butterfly valve
  • Gate valve
  • Solenoid valve
  • Check valve
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Control valve
  • Diaphragm valve
  • Float valve
  • Foot valve
  • Needle valve
  • Pinch valve
  • Ball valves
  • Actuator valve
  • Knife-gate valve
  • Air release valve
  • Pressure sustaining valves
  • Pressure reducing valves
  • Actuated valve

Whatever your valve requirements, in whatever industry, we are confident we have the right valve for the right job. Contact your local valve suppliers today.