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  • Model BTF/BFF Pilot Operated Float Valve

  • Elite model BTF/BFF uses a MFV (multi-function valve), which is supplied with model 2856 Float Valve as the pilot (shown above but not illustrated in the photo to the left). The valve is used for controlling the level of water in a tank. The main valve is usually piped directly into the base of the tank, allowing the pilot valve to be remotely fitted inside the tank.

    It is available in BTF threaded version 1½”→ 2” (Cv’s 48-75) and BFF flanged version in 2”-14” (Cv’s 75-3,000) and the choice of materials for the main valve are cast or ductile iron with bronze trim, bronze, 304SS or 316SS. Diaphragm and seat material can be either NBR or Viton and the pilot valve can be 304SS/PE float or 316SS Ball/Float. Valve has either threaded ends (1½”→ 2”) or flanged ( ½”-6”) which can be drilled to suit Ansi 150# or AS Table D/E.

    Note 1: A minimum water supply pressure of 30 kpa is recommended
    Note 2: Actual WP must be advised so that the right diameter float is selected

    Maximum inlet pressure- CI (12 Bar) BZ (16 Bar) DI (20 Bar) SS (25 Bar)
    Min/Max Temp Range: -15°C → +80°C


  • Model 3885 – 304SS Float Valve & Polyethylene Float

  • Full port, direct acting ball float valve, 304SS body & arm, silicone seat, polyethylene float, male BSP end connection. Rated to 10 bar

    Size 1/2” (DN15) – supplied with 110mm diameter polyethylene float
    Size 3/4” (DN20) – supplied with 160mm diameter polyethylene float
    Size 1” (DN25) – supplied with 160mm diameter polyethylene float


  • Model 2856 – 316SS Float Valve & 316SS Float

  • Full port, direct acting ball float valve, 316SS body, arm and float, silicone seat, male BSP. Rated 10 bar.

    Size 1/2” (DN15) – uses model 2852-110 110mm diameter 316ss float
    Size 3/4” (DN20) → 1-1/4” (DN32) – uses model 2852-160 160mm diameter float
    Size 1-1/2” (DN40) → 2-1/2” (DN65) – uses model 2852-200 200mm diameter float