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Rotameters with Limit Reed Switches & Sensors

All of the DFM165-350 Rotameters can be supplied with a variety of position indicators, limit reed switches and flow data sensors. As the position of the float needs to be sensed, the standard PVDF float needs to be changed to one with an encapsulated magnet.

Some of these accessories are:-

Limit Reed Switch model ZE951 (ID 48119) Bi-stable switch or switches can easily be fitted to the dovetail guide (rail) molded into the flow tube. Max operating voltage 230v AC. Can be used to indicate minimum, maximum or intermediate flow values. A signal occurs when the magnetic float has reached or exceeded the limit switch position.

Flow Data Sensor ZE 3000– Micro-processor controlled sensor guarantees accurate measurement and can be used to signal the flow at various point and to process the values in a PLC and display the actual values. Uses 2-wire technology, 8..28VDC input & 4-20mA output, 11 point calibration, measuring accuracy better than 0.5%. The particular DFM to which the ZE 3000 is to be fitted, must be advised before purchase.

Flow Data Sensor ZE 3075 – Easily mounted on the dovetail of the flow tube, it measures the present position of the float. The 4-20 mA output signal is in proportion to the height of the magnetic float. The unit is connected via a commercially available (not supplied) unshielded cable.

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