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Mk67 Pilot Op. Pressure Reducing Valve

Jordan MK67 series is a pilot operated pressure reducing valve and provides greater accuracy and lower offset than can be achieved with self acting valves. It is available in sizes 1/2″-6″ (Cv’s 5.0-395) and consists of a main valve with a small, pilot valve. The Mk67 combines the short stroke of the sliding gate with the action of a pilot valve to create a faster, more accurate response (less droop as flows increase). Can be used where greater accuracy is required than self acting valves or where control systems are not an option.

Suitable for steam, water, oil, gas and chemicals. Available with NPT threaded ends (1/2″→2″)  or Ansi 150/300 flanges (1/2″→6″)

Several adjustable pressure ranges from 70-100 kpa→1,030-1380 kpa)

* Options: 69D, 69H or 69L Pilot valves, differential pressure pilot, low pressure pilot, BSP ends

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