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As of September 2013, the Stubbe range of Thermoplastic Pressure Relief/Sustaining valves has been rationalised. So, instead of models DHV715-716-725, only model DHV-712-R will be produced as it performs the same functions, covers a similar pressure range (0.3-10 bar) and performs better. The external components are the same dimensionally so you can remove the body section from one of the older models, replace with DHV712-R and retighten using the existing end connectors and union nuts.

The patented DHV712-R is unique and was designed specifically for chemical plant manufacture, for water treatment and for use in electroplating plants. The internal piston also offers the additional function of non-return. The valve also performs well in vibrating environments, even behind oscillating dosing pumps.

Stubbe Thermoplastic valve used for pressure relief, overflow or bypass but also sensitive/accurate enough to be used as an upstream pressure sustaining valve or back pressure regulator, UPVC body, PTFE coated diaphragm, EPDM or FPM seat & seals, true union style body with solvent weld ends to BS/Ansi dimensions – rated 10 bar. The internal piston also performs as a non-return valve

Model DHV712-R – adjustable set pressure range 0.3→ 10.0 bar
Sizes   3/8″ (DN10) → 2″ (DN50)

* Options: BSP threaded end connectors, Spigot or fusion socket ends, Body in Polypropylene or PVDF

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