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Hidroten Wafer Type Swing Check Valve (PPGF)

Check valves or Non-return valves, are used to automatically prevent the reversal of flow in a line. When open and under normal flowing conditions, the valve disc will move freely in the media to provide a low pressure drop across the valve. The Hidroten check valve requires only minimal back pressure to close and is fitted with a spring as standard to assist in seating faster to eliminate shocks in the system.

With a pressure rating of 16bar (Dn50 to Dn125) and 10bar (Dn150 to Dn300), the Hidroten wafer check has a rating higher than most of its counterparts.

Another key feature of the Hidroten wafer check valves is the position indicator, this allows you to see the valve position quickly and easily.

Due to the materials of construction, these valves are suitable for use in a variety of industries such as irrigation, aquariums, mining, water treatment,  swimming pools etc

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