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MK70 Pneumatic Control Valve

MK70 is a diaphragm operated Control Valve manufactured in the US by Jordan Valve. The valve is metal/metal seated (Ansi class IV) and utilises the same sliding gate seats found in Jordan’s range of Pressure Regulators (MK50/MK60) and Temperature Control Valves (MK80).

It is available in sizes ½”→ 2″ (Cv 2.5 to 30) and up to 6″ in model 711. The standard valve has threaded (BSPT or NPT) but can be flanged on request. The valve is actioned by a multi-spring pneumatic actuator and can be used for on/off or modulating for liquids, gases, chemicals and steam. Flow is controlled by the movement of the gate/disc which moves in response to a 3-15 psi pneumatic signal received from a controller.

Where the signal is in milliamps, an I/P transducer can be fitted (i.e. converts a 4-20mA signal to 3-15 psi) or, for even more precise control, the pneumatic actuator can be fitted with a pneumatic or I/P positioner.

* Options: MK701/702 Cv 50/70 High Flow version, equal % seats, low flow seats for all sizes, side or top mounted positioner, flanges to AS or Ansi. Many more options, flanged MK711 (sizes to DN150)

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