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MK80 Temperature Control Valve

This is a self operated valve which requires no external power source or expensive instrumentation. The valve is metal/metal seated (Ansi class IV) and utilises the same sliding gate seats found in Jordan’s range of Pressure Regulators (MK50/MK60) and Diaphragm Operated Control Valves (MK70). It is available in sizes ½”→ 2″ (Cv 2.5 to 30) and is commonly used to accurately regulate the temperature of a tank’s contents (either by heating or cooling). The standard valve has threaded (BSPT) ends but can be flanged on request.

The valve is actioned by a SWA thermal system, which is made up of a welded 304ss actuator, opposing spring, capillary and temperature sensing bulb. The bulb is normally installed inside a thermowell  (bulb pocket) and a heating transfer liquid, inside the thermowell, ensures accurate sensing of the process temperature. In the case of heating, the valve may be supplying steam into a heat exchanger and the bulb is positioned so that it senses the temperature on the heat exchanger’s outlet. The valve would remain open until the desirable temperature is reached and modulates to maintain this preset temperature.

Maximum inlet pressure- BZ (3,445kpa) / DI (6,800kpa) / 316SS (10,198kpa) Maximum valve temp- BZ/DI (260°C)/ 316SS (343°C)
Temperature set ranges: refer data sheet for ranges & spans (lowest range is -29°C→-7°C, highest is 193°C→232°C (range depends on the type of thermal fill)
Max pressure differential: 175-300 psi

* Options: Stainless steel capillary, low temp shut off valve MK80U, Cv 50 High Flow MK801, low flow seats for all sizes, special allow seats, coated bulbs, set point indicators, flanges to AS or Ansi. Many more options, higher pressure/temps etc shown on the data sheet (see download)

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