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MDM 902 Diaphragm Seal (UPVC/PP/PVDF)

Stubbe Thermoplastic Diaphragm Seal (also known as Gauge Saver) is used as a barrier between a Pressure Gauge or measuring instrument and corrosive media. The process pressure is transmitted via the diaphragm onto a transmitter fluid (liquid fill) which is then transferred onto the measuring instrument.

MDM 902 is suitable for neutral, aggressive liquids or gaseous media without abrasive particles. The process side is made from corrosion resistant plastic such as UPVC, Polypropylene or PVDF, the process side of the diaphragm is PTFE and the bonnet (gauge side) is glass fibre reinforced PP. Process and instrument connections can be either BSP or NPT female sockets- pressure rated to 10 bar

Sizes- (Instrument x Process)
¼” x ¼” (DN8 x DN8) in BSP or NPT
¼”x ½” (DN8 x DN15) in BSP or NPT
½”x ½” (DN15 x DN15) in BSP or NPT

* Options: Reinforcement/support ring for threaded connections.

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