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Foot Valve

A foot valve is basically a combination Check Valve and Filter Screen and is installed at the bottom of a suction line in a well, pond, lake, or other storage vessel.

The check valve component is designed to close off as soon as the pump stops, thus maintaining its prime. The coarse filter screen fitted to the valve’s inlet allows the valve to sit up off the bottom of the well so that it has a large, unrestricted area for suction and minimal pressure drop. It also prevents debris from entering the seating area and stopping the check valve from shutting tightly.

As it is installed below the water line, consideration needs to be given to the surrounding environment and whether it is better suited to PVC material, iron with a good protective paint or full stainless steel. A soft seat with bubble tight shut-off is essential to prevent loss of prime.

Elite’s model FVT has a threaded connection whereas model FVF is flanged Ansi 150 or 300. A cast iron / ductile iron bodied version is available with bronze trim and NBR seat or 304ss/NBR. These models have an additional feature as an external arm protrudes from the screen allowing the unit to be manually opened and flushed clean of debris.

Size range:
FVT Threaded DN50 -DN65 (2″ – 2-1/2″)  Max 12 bar
FVF Flanged DN50- DN200 (2″ – 8″)  Max 20 bar

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