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Rilsan coated Aluminium (PA-series)

Prisma’s PA series pneumatic actuator is used to operate quarter turn valves such as ball, butterfly and plug valves.

The features of the standard range of actuators are as follows:
• Models available in both Double Acting and Spring Return.
• The smallest actuator is PA-W, through to the largest PA-70
• Torques from 15.5Nm→4,600Nm (at 5.5 bar)
• Operated by clean air, water or non aggressive fluid up to 8 bar max.

• ISO-5211 / Namur
• Bolt on end caps
• Safe and easy removal of spring from contained spring packs
• Can be fitted with limit switches, solenoid valves, positioners
• Can be fitted with manual override gearbox
• Stroke adjustment standard in all models (except PA-W).
• 5.5 bar pressure assumed for sizing/selection

Refer to the tech sheets for details on each model in the PA series.

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