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  • Model RFF Pressure Sustaining Valve (316ss, flanged)

  • Elite model RFF is a 316SS self acting pressure sustaining valve suitable for fluids, air and steam.

    Available in ½” → 6” (Cv’s 2.4-250) and the main materials are 316SS with NBR or Viton diaphragm and seals.
    Valve has flanged ends which can be drilled to suit Ansi 150# or AS Table D/E, Cv’s from 2.4 to Cv250
    Maximum inlet pressure-2500 kpa (362 psi)
    Maximum temp- 100°C or 180°C for steam
    Adjustable pressure ranges – 100-500 kpa; 400-1,000 kpa

    * Options: All 316SS adjusting bolt/locknut, pressure gauge.

  • BTS/BFS Pilot Operated Pressure Sustaining Valve (CI/DI/BZ/304SS/316SS)

  • Elite model BTS/BFS uses a MFV (multi-function valve) which is directly fitted with a pressure sustaining valve pilot and is used primarily for water. Unlike conventional pilot operated valves which have a complex external pilot valve tubing assembly, this valve does not have any external piping or tubing, saving cost and simplifying installation.

    It is available in BTS threaded version 1½”→ 2” (Cv’s 48-75) and BFS flanged version in 2”-14” (Cv’s 75-3,000) and the choice of materials for the main valve are cast or ductile iron with bronze trim, bronze, 304ss or 316ss. Diaphragm and seat material can be either NBR or Viton and the pilot valve can be bronze or stainless steel.

    Valve has either threaded ends (1½”→ 2”) or flanged (1/2”-6”) which can be drilled to suit Ansi 150# or AS Table D/E.
    Maximum inlet pressure-2500kpa (362 psi)
    Maximum temp- 80°C
    Sustained pressure ranges – 20-400 kpa; 300-1,000 kpa

    * Options: Pressure gauge



  • JB-Series -HP Instrument Style Back Pressure Regulator

  • Jordan JB is an instrument style back pressure regulator, made from barstock and has the ability to handle high pressures (max inlet 3,000 psi, max set pressure 750psi), large differential pressures and very low flows (Cv’s 0.15-0.35). Standard body material is 316L with exotics like Hastelloy or Monel as options. Seat options are PTFE or PEEK and there are a number of set pressure ranges between 5-50 psi→200-750 psi.
    Sizes:  ¼” (DN8); 3/8” (DN10) 1/2″ (DN15)

    Other Models available: (see downloads)
    JBDL (inlet pressures to 1200 psi, set pressures to 400 psi, Cv 1.95)
    JBPH (inlet pressures to 6,000 psi, set pressures to 5,800 psi, Cv 0.5)

  • MK57 Pilot Operated Pressure Sustaining Valve

  • Jordan MK57 series is a pilot operated pressure sustaining valve and provides greater accuracy and lower offset than can be achieved with self acting valves. It is available in sizes ½”-6” (Cv’s 5.0-395) and consists of a main valve with a small pilot valve. The Mk57 combines the short stroke of the sliding gate with the action of a pilot valve to create a faster, more accurate response (less droop as flows increase).

    Can be used where greater accuracy is required than self acting valves or where control systems are not an option. Suitable for steam, water, oil, gas and chemicals.

    Available with NPT threaded ends (1/2”→2”) or Ansi 150/300 flanges (1/2”→6”)
    Several adjustable pressure ranges from 70-210 kpa→552-1280 kpa)

    * Options: BSP ends, on threaded valves