DMV750 Pressure Reducing Valve DN65-80 (UPVC/PP/PVDF)

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Stubbe Thermoplastic valve used for pressure reduction (downstream pressure regulation), UPVC body, PTFE coated diaphragm, EPDM or FPM seat & seals, spigot ends to DIN* dimensions.

* Union ends available to convert UPVC valves with DIN spigot to solvent weld BS/Ansi dimensions,

Pressure rated to 10 bar with an adjustable reduced pressure range of 1.0→ 9.0 bar.

Sizes  2-½” (DN65) → 3” (DN80)

* Options: Spigot end for solvent welding or socket ends for fusion welding, Body in Polypropylene or PVDF with spigot ends for Fusion welding, backing flanges to DIN dimensions